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General Support

  1. Getting into the softball spirit is awesome! Rock those team colors and cheer on your player with lots of energy. Even though you won't be playing on the field, your support makes a big difference.
  2.  Remember to show up early for practices and games. Being on time is super important, just like the saying goes: "Early is on time, on time is late, and late is a no-go!" It's like setting the right vibe for a game.
  3. Let your kid's coach be the coach. You be the cool parent, grandparent, or adult who's there to listen when she talks about the game and gives her a high-five for doing great or a thumbs-up when things get tough. If you're into coaching, we'd love to know, so give us a shout!
  4.  Softball is more challenging than it looks. When a player steps onto the field, she's thinking about every move, working hard on her skills, and dealing with all the pressure. It's not just physical, it's a mental game too.
  5.  Cheer for your player and the whole team. Softball is about teamwork, so everyone needs some positive vibes. Learn the names or use their numbers when cheering, but hold off when the pitcher is about to throw or the batter is getting ready.
  6.  Please avoid shouting out plays from the sidelines. The coaches have a game plan, and they've got it covered. Also, try not to get into negative talks about other players, parents, or coaches. Gossip just brings everyone down. If you have a real issue, talk to the coach or someone from the league directly.
  7. Most important, remind your player that we're on the field to have fun. We believe in our girls and what they can do. We do NOT expect perfection. Mistakes are great learning opportunities. 

The Car Ride Home

  • After the game, your player enters a crucial reflection period, potentially blaming herself for mistakes or focusing on perceived shortcomings, even after a team win. The car ride home becomes a pivotal moment where your support is essential.

  • Ensuring a positive and supportive post-game environment is vital for your child's development. If their performance falls short, emphasize building them up instead of putting them down. Avoid criticizing other players, blaming the umpire, or accusing the opposing team.

  • Crucially, avoid engaging in commiseration with your player's negative thoughts. Foster resilience and perseverance, reminding them that improvement comes with practice and dedication, providing unwavering support.

  • In guiding your child, offer constructive and positive examples tailored to their specific challenges. Generic advice like "just throw strikes" may not be effective; instead, acknowledge their efforts and highlight the importance of their commitment.

  • Consider the context when advising a girl in softball. Generic instructions like "just make contact with the ball" may not be helpful, as every player desires to hit the ball. Encourage skill development and a positive, growth-oriented mindset.

  • Be a supportive listener rather than a critic. Facilitate a positive assessment of the game and suggest discussing areas for improvement with the coach.

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